Elijah Choudhary 

Head Coach, Wexford U09s
Hometown: London, England
Years with Wexford: 1 year
Playing experience:

  • Sporting Bengal, London
  • University of Sussex

Coaching experience:

  • University of Sussex Womens
  • University of North Carolina Rams Club

Favourite football team: Arsenal FC

Coach Elijah is the latest recruit to the Dynamo family. Having coached on two continents, to both boys and girls, he brings an extensive knowledge of ‘football’ as he calls it, to our program. A non-compromising defender in his playing days, Coach Elijah is on a mission to instill some added steel to his teams, combined with a high work ethos and selfless dedication to your team mates. A strict disciple of the vocal game, he is a firm believer that strong communication within a team reaps greater reaps greater rewards than a more talented team of strangers. Off the field, Coach Elijah is the joker amongst the Wexford coaches but his training sessions are no laughing matter!