Preparation, Passion, Performance.
It’s What We’re All About

Here at Dynamo Elite Athletics, our mission is to produce elite soccer players who come complete with the necessary technical, tactical, and psychological tools that are essential to excel at the higher levels of the game. Our philosophy is rooted in our motto: Preparation, Passion, Performance – We believe that the spirit and culture of Dynamo is rooted in these 3 principles.

Preparation is the first step to any successful endeavour

Our program is comprehensive – we aim to thoroughly prepare all of our players technically, physically and psychologically to ensure that they have a solid foundation for success at higher levels of the game.

Passion is at the centre of all dreams and it is the heart of motivation

At Dynamo we pride ourselves on helping our players reach new heights by channeling their love and enthusiasm for the beautiful game into exceptional discipline and productivity both on and off the pitch.

Performance = Preparation + Passion

Performance is about results – Here at Dynamo, we believe in “Exceptional Training for Exceptional Results”.

Elite performance is not something that can be taught, but instead; it is something that has to be unlocked from deep within us. In our program we give players the tools and immerse them in the right environments where they learn the art of Elite Performance and how to excel above their peers.

These 3 pillars form our culture and can be seen in everything that we do. Coaches & players alike wholeheartedly believe in our vision and are ready to vigorously pursue their soccer dreams to the fullest extent.


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Meet Our Team

Our group of passionate and professional coaches are fully committed in transferring their vast soccer knowledge through training sessions of the highest quality. Our exceedingly motivated and personable coaches emphasize sportsmanship, respect in soccer, and are fully aware of the sport’s potential to change lives positively.


Adrian Field

Program Director


Eric Nelson

Program Director


Brendon Chan

Sr. Staff Coach & Manager


Sibi Selvanathan

Sr. Staff Coach & Manager

Andre Bachan

Staff Coach & Fitness Trainer


Ashton Vaz

Head Goalkeeper Coach


Nathan Vaz

Head Coach, Wexford Dynos U11s


Elijah Choudhary 

Head Coach, Wexford U09s


Khapil Selvanathan

Support Coach

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Keep updated with the latest soccer news! From highlight videos and interesting soccer headlines, to the latest soccer gear, the Dynamo Blog has it all! Each member of the staff will be posting to the blog whatever strikes their interest or what they think may be beneficial for all members of the program. Here, we are able to gain greater insight into each of the staff member’s thoughts, personalities, and what makes their minds tick!